Ed In the Refridgerators

Ed in the Refridgerators is a two man band (as if you already didn't know). It consists of child prodigies, Joe DeGeorge and Andrew MacLeay.

We formed in the Summer of the year 1999. We had just finished the sixth grade. We started writing some short songs that amused us and apparently some other people. Ed in the Refridgerators Released their first album Good is Dumb, in the september of 1999. We had not hit puberty yet. We began playing shows that fall at Tufts University. The next winter, we scored the music for a play at Massachusettes College of Art entitled, Yes, We have no Morals. We began to play shows regular at both MassArt and Tufts University.

Ed in the Refridgerators was catching on. Everywhere there was a refridgerator epidemic.

During the Spring of 2001, Ed in the Refridgerators spent their time in a recording studio in Jamacia Plain producing yet another album, It could Happen to You. However, it was not printed until the winter of that year.

During the summer of 2001 andrew did a stuid drum corps thing while Joe went solo and played two shows, one in his backyard with a dutch band DL Bucket, and another with The Secrets, Shopping, and the Beatings in a used clothing store. Ed in the Refrigderators is a good band. Go see us in concert at a venue near you.

Joe plays guitars, keyboards, and vocals for the most part...Andrew plays drums and bass (on recordings) for the most part...



brr010 - Ed in the Refridgerators - Get Excommunicated! CD

brr009 - Ed in the Refridgerators - Für Pope CDep

brr001 - It Could Happen To You CD

brr005 - This Is Christmas CD