1. Certainly, Sir "Christmas Wrapping"
  2. Soltero "Oh Noelle!"
  3. the Secrets "Get Here Before the Snowplows Do"
  4. Star Star Quarterback "Christmas in Phoenix" [mp3]
  5. The Burning Paris "Silver Trees"
  6. Ed in the Refridgerators "Jewish/Christian"
  7. Alexander McGregor "Aviary in the Snow/X-M-A-S" [mp3]
  8. the Sea Navy "The Truth About Christmas"
  9. Helms "In the End"
  10. Shopping "One Nation, Under Christmas Shopping" [mp3]
  11. 4am shifter "December Song"
  12. Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel "Christmas Eve (live)"
  13. New Idea Society “Trapped Under Your Christmas Tree”
  14. John Low and Jen Hill "'Twas Shady"
  15. Tristan da Cunha "Skating"
  16. California Stadium "Glass of Eggnog"
  17. the Autumn Rhythm "It Never Snows"
  18. Alotia "Going to Sleep"
  19. Drew O'Doherty "There's Always Tomorrow"

Various Artists - This Is Christmas CD
Released: 11.19.2002

A great document of the Boston indie scene in the early aughts. Nineteen musicians/bands –  most of them contributing original material – come togehter to make a very special holiday record. Our mom claims this is her favorite xmas record.

$10.00 ppd

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