1. 1. the Barber
  2. My Muscles
  3. Fingers
  4. the Pope Song (Historically Accurate Version)
  5. I'm in Love with Your Brain
  6. Ice Cream Girl
  7. Milk Me 'Til I Cry Blood
  8. Similar
  9. Aquagatto
  10. the Snowpants
  11. You're All I Could Think of During the Love Scenes in Attack of the Clones
  12. Pope Dance Party
  13. Onion Rings
  14. We Don't Like our Soup
  15. The People Next Door
  16. Moon Tuesday
  17. Socrates Corrupts the Youth
  18. Ice Cream Girl (reprise)
  19. Lullaby

Ed in the Refridgerators- Get Excommunicated CD
Released: 05.14.2005

Ed in the Refridgerators second triumphant full length album! 19 songs that deconstruct humanity and build it back in a much cooler way.

$10.00 ppd