1. Sea Monkeys
2. My First Crush [mp3]
3. Cooties
4. Kid on a Leash
5. Callipygian
6. Better Than You
7. Mimes
8. Heart of Blood [mp3]

Ed in the Refridgerators - It Could Happen to You CD
Recorded: April and May 2001
Released: 02.02.02
1000 copies. 100 with numbered silkscreened covers,
25 with covers hand-drawn by Joe and Andrew.

This is Ed in the Refridgerators' first official release. It features 5 newly recorded versions of songs from their CDR demo "Good is Dumb" (recorded when they were 12!). It was recorded during their last months in junior high school. Punk rock in its purest form, this will make you regret that you spent so much time in high school playing video games instead of rocking out.

$6.00 ppd

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