Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is a small island in the South Atlantic. Tristan da Cunha is Ernie, Brian and Steve. Although photographs may show otherwise, Tristan da Cunha is NOT a boat band. The group began playing together in the spring of 2000. Ernie and Brian hail from New Jersey. Steve hails from Connecticut. Each member has been playing rock and roll music for over 10 years. Ernie and Brian played in a band called AKU for a number of years. Steve played guitar in a band called Spineless. Ernie played drums in Subramayan and Ashley Inline. Brian played bass in Monkeys Writing Shakespeare and Red Eye 9. All of their previous experiences have culminated in the music they make today as Tristan da Cunha.


brr004 - Tristan Da Cunha - Magnolia/Knockout Fly 7"

brr005 - This Is Christmas CD

other labels:

lbp014- s/t CD [Losing Blueprint]

lbp016- Words for Snow / Tristan da Cunha split CD [Losing Blueprint]

lbp012- The Luxury Sounds of the Losing Blueprint [Losing Blueprint]

ry001- Summer Solution [Reason Y]