Disc One

  1. Cooties
  2. Better Than You
  3. Kid on a Leash
  4. R2D2
  5. Commercial Jingle #1
  6. Gum
  7. Mary Had a Little Lamb (in C minor)
  8. Windows 95 Ding
  9. Mimes
  10. Sea Monkeys
  12. My First Crush
  13. Sea Monkeys
  14. Better Than You
  15. Cooties
  16. Narrator's Theme
  17. Three Little Pigs Intro
  18. Three Little Pigs Outro
  19. Hansel & Gretel Intro
  20. Hansel & Gretel Outro
  21. The Three Bears
  22. Chicken Little Intro
  23. Chicken Little Outro
  24. Little Red Riding Hood Intro
  25. Little Red Riding Hood Outro
  26. Jack and the Beanstalk

    Disc Two
    Live 1999
  27. WMFO - October 5, 1999

  1. Intro
  2. Renegade Radio Rebels Theme
  3. Better Than You
  4. Commercial Jingle #1
  5. Callipygian
  6. Cooties
  7. Mimes
  8. R2D2
  9. Kid on a Leash
  10. Gum
  11. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  12. Subliminal Message
  13. Hats Off to Halford
  14. Windows 95 Ding
  15. My First Crush
  16. Baby One More Time
  17. Sea Monkeys

    Tufts University - October 8, 1999

  18. Sea Monkeys
  19. My First Crush
  20. Windows 95 Ding
  21. Mimes
  22. Baby One More Time
  23. Gum
  24. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  25. Subliminal Message
  26. Cooties
  27. Hats Off to Halford
  28. Callipygian
  29. (Lord it's Hard to be Happy When You're Not) Using the Metric System
  30. Kid on a Leash
  31. R2D2
  32. Better Than You
  33. Lobsters

Ed in the Refridgerators - Good is Dumb(er than ever) reissue
Originally released: 10.08.1999
Reissued: 10.22.2009
Pressing: 100 copies

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Ed in the Refridgeratos, we have reissued their classic debut recording in its original CDr format.  The original 10-song album is now available for the first time since the early aughts, complete with nearly 60 extra tracks!  Disc one contains all the original 10 songs plus 4 demos from early 2000 along with Ed's entire February 2000 score for a MassArt student theatre production.  Disc two contains complete recordings of the first 2 live shows ever performed by Ed in the Refridgerators: the first, a radio session recorded at WMFO in Medford, Massachusetts, and the second, a live show from Tufts University's Crafts House, also Medford, MA, both recorded in early October 1999.  Also included in this deluxe reissue is an "Ed in the Refridgerators Gave Me Cooties" linocut-printed patch, a certificate of authenticity denoting this package's scarce availability, and a cassette tape featuring 11 Ed in the Refridgerators practice demos from Summer 1999, recorded just before Good is Dumb, all encapulated in a screenprinted, octuple-folded cardboard packaging.