brr0019 | HATP09

    Disc One

  1. Problem Solving Skillz (2002 demo)
  2. New Wizard Anthem (club mix)
  3. the Blood of a Prince
  4. Sectumsempra
  5. Horcruxes
  6. Don’t Believe It
  7. the Forbidden Forest Hockey League
  8. the Hogwarts Tonsil Hockey Team
  9. My Teacher is a Werewolf (rock version)
  10. the Stone
  11. Let’s Drink to Aragog
  12. the Cave
  13. Vernon Dursely
  14. Bacon
  15. Maybe Kreacher Will Bring Me a Sandwich
  16. My New School
  17. Unicorn Blood
  18. Touch the Brains
  19. Bertie Botts
  20. Diagon Alley
  21. the Wrath of Hermione
  22. It Ain’t Easy

    Disc Two
    Demos 2003-2009

  1. Save Ginny Weasley
  2. These Days are Dark
  3. Rocking at Hogwarts
  4. Problem Solving Skillz (Skillz to pay the Billz)
  5. the Godfather, Part II
  6. Stick it to Dolores
  7. the Missing Arm of Viktor Krum
  8. Smootchy Smootchy Pukey Pukey
  9. Monkey Suit
  10. This books is so Awesome
  11. Platform 9 and 3/4 (dutch version)
  12. Hermoine Screws Up the Polyjuice Potion
  13. Hagrid
  14. Phoenix Tears
  15. Ridin’ in the Night
  16. Phoenix Song


Harry and the Potters - Priori Incantatem 2CD
Released: 05.21.2009
Pressing: 1000 copies

This collection is a real vault-clearing for the Potters, as it collects all of their compilation appearances, both out-of-print 7"s, and a large number of previously unreleased material.  The second disc (only available on CD) consisted of unreleased demos recorded between 2003-2009.