brr0017 | WREP19 | HATP08

  1. Priori Incantatem
  2. The Economics of the Wizarding World Don’t Make Sense
  3. Alohomora
  4. The Chamber
  5. Dudley!!!
  6. Fleur is Fine
  7. Expulsion During Disapparation
  8. Nearly Headless Nick
  9. Ted
  10. Ice Cream Man

Harry and the Potters - In the Cupboard CDep
Released: 07.04.2008
Pressing: 1250 copies (1000 of which were sold through the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club)

Harry and the Potters contribution to the 2008 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club. We recorded it May 14-16 2008 in our parent’s basement using a Tascam Portastudio 424. Mostly these songs are about weird inconsistencies and silly nitpicking. It’s fun though, and it definitely these wizards at their most punk.