brr000 | Discrete Records #4

Side A

  1. This 4-Track is Fucked Up
  2. I have something really important to tell you.
  3. Party at the Palace of Versailles
  4. NYC can eat a dick
  5. French Kissing in Chemistry Class
  6. Broken Fingers

    Side B

  7. I don't need coffee
  8. Winter you came and punched me in the face
  9. When I leave you'd better cry
  10. So early it's late
  11. this is the last straw

the Girlish Figrues - Bob Dylan cassette
Released: 08.27.1996
Pressing: 25-30 copies

A very early predecessor to the Secrets, this is the first collaboration between Paul DeGeorge and Martinv Pavlinic (the 2 founders of Eskimo Laboratories).  This is only surviving album of the 4 cassettes that they recorded together in their shortlived existence.